A WORK by Venetian composer Baldassare Galuppi will get its first airing in Britain in a concert at Malvern College.

The Levi Ensemble, including former college pupil Thomas Kirby, will feature alongside the Malvern College Chamber Choir and Orchestra, in a performance of Galuppi's Confitebor tibi Domine.

The concert, at Malvern College on Thursday, January 22, will feature the talents of soprano Zoe Challenor, baritone Paul Carey Jones and internationally-acclaimed countertenor James Bowman, who was eager to perform at the concert due to the unusual choice of music.

Mr Kirby, who is now studying at the Oberlin Conservatory in Ohio, said: "This will be a fantastic concert. We have been planning it for ages and we're delighted to be performing alongside such a talented professional as James Bowman.

"It's also great that Malvern gets to host the premiere performance of the piece, usually events like this go to London. With the town's links to composers like Elgar and my links to the college, we felt here would be good."

Zoe Challenor said that everyone in the ensemble was 'thrilled' to be performing the piece for the first time in Britain.

"It's very exciting," she said. "Everyone knows about composers like Bach and Vivaldi, but Galuppi has barely been heard of. It's very exciting to be performing his works, perhaps we could be part of making him as famous."

The piece was originally discovered in the library of the Dijon Conservatory in France and recorded by a French ensemble.

Iain Sloan, director of music at Malvern College, called the project "a wonderful opportunity for our aspiring young musicians to work with people who are in the business. It should be a truly memorable occasion."

The concert, which will also feature works by Purcell and Bach, will begin at 7.30pm in Malvern College's Big School. Tickets are available from the college's general office or by contacting the music school on 01684 581531.