A tree and plaque to commemorate the Queen's golden jubilee were officially unveiled in West Malvern on Saturday.

The ceremony was carried out by 90-year-old Jim Tudge, president of the West Malvern Garden and Nature Club and a former Malvern Gazette gardening columnist.

A capadocian maple, which has a golden leaf colour in the autumn, was planted at the West Malvern Playing Fields in December. The plaque, mounted on a block of West Malvern granite, was supplied by Malvern Hills Conservators.

Tree wardens Janet Whittlestone and Hilary Elgar, along with Eric Hollands, vice-chairman of West Malvern Parish Council, attended the ceremony.

Mrs Whittlestone said: "A good number of people came to see it. They included a majority of the people who donated money to the project, along with councillors and conservators. I was very pleased."