TWO windsurfing brothers competing in Britain's first indoor championships are appealing for sponsorship from local organisations.

Guy and Harry Solven, from Storridge, are taking part in the event at the Shroders London International Boat Show, at the Excel Exhibition Centre, between January 12 and 18.

The pair are due to appear on the BBC's Grandstand and Blue Peter as well as Sky Sports and Channel 4.

Guy, 21, and Harry, 18, former pupils at John Masefield High School, in Ledbury, began windsurfing at a young age and have competed all over the world.

Guy is currently second under-22 in the national fleet while Harry is the top youth.

Speaking last week before the competition, Harry said: "It's going to be excellent but I'm a bit nervous.

"It's the biggest thing I've done so far, although I've done quite a few international events in places like Italy and Portugal."

If they win the UK championships, the brothers will have the chance to challenge professionals from the world tour.

Harry said they were looking for sponsorship to help meet costs of travel and equipment.

"A new board costs about £1,000 and we need to have top of the range equipment. If we have the right equipment, it's all about the sailing."

The brothers are more used to windsurfing outdoors. Harry explained that indoor windsurfing was done in a large pool with fans making 30 knots of wind.

The windsurfing boards are launched into the water from 15ft launching ramps. Guy and Harry are competing in the slalom competition, where they must navigate a figure-of-eight course.

Anybody interested in sponsoring the brothers can contact them on 01886 880596.