MALVERN art business On the Wildside is shutting its gallery in Church Street, which has been open for just over three years.

Owner Christine Johnson said: "Wildside Gallery has flourished in Malvern and we have had wonderful support from loyal and appreciative customers.

"Unfortunately, the combination of local and global economic factors - the collapse of rural tourism, foot and mouth disease, SARS, international terrorism, rising costs for small businesses - have made it impossible to remain in Malvern."

It will now work with the Nature in Art museum at Twigworth, near Gloucester.

It will stage exhibitions, demonstrations, lectures and talks and will also sell its Wildside Collection brand through the museum shop.

It will also retain its mail order art and books business at

Mrs Johnson said the business had been in the town for more than 20 years and would continue to regard itself as a Malvern business.