What is Malvern Theatre doing to encourage tourism or even visits from the local community? The answer, it appears, is not a lot.

Over the Christmas period, I have had call to visit the theatre many times in the evening but on many occasions it feels more like a closed train station rather than a venue with hundreds of people in the theatre and cinema.

To give an example, I arrived at the theatre at 9.30pm on Saturday evening to find it like a morgue, the two bars closed and this a Saturday evening with possibly at least 800 plus in the building. Where was the encouragement for visitors to stay on rather than get them out of the building as quick as possible?

This complex has received an awful lot of tax payers money and I, for one, do not feel we get the service we deserve from the management, although the staff I came into contact with were very pleasant and helpful. Finally, I understand that part of the agreement with the council regarding writing-off of debts was that there be more community work. Where is that?

Mr G Lewis, Duke of Edinburgh Way,