I WAS pleased to read about the proposed coach park at Ledbury's Countrywide store. It is an ideal location, with plenty of parking space and comfortable facilities for the waiting drivers.

However, I am curious to know why so much money needs to be spent on the installation of ramps and lighting for a car park facility that has been safely used by hundreds of visitors to Countrywide.

Indeed, if the coach passengers are dropped off in Ledbury as expected, the upgrading of the parking facilities for the coach drivers does seem very extravagant.

Surely there are plenty of other more deserving projects in Ledbury that would welcome the £30,000 community benefit funding from Pettifer Estates.

Herefordshire Council's additional contribution (undisclosed in the Ledbury Reporter article) could also be put to some other use and Ledbury would be thanked for taking a stand against the insidious increase in light pollution.

BELLA JOHNSON, Church Street, Ledbury.