IF Tracy Mason (Ledbury Reporter, January 9) and her fellows think it proper to stop up the main spine road of the Deer Park estate so their children have two cul-de-sacs to play in, they are entitled to their opinion.

I see two fully dedicated roads, maintained at public expense, over which every citizen of the UK has the right to pass, blocked up for the convenience of very few and unlawfully blocked too.

Miss Pick and I are not the 'bad guys' in this. We are trying to get Herefordshire Council to obey the law of the land. That may not suit some people but it is not antisocial or vindictive. We are appointed by our fellow residents to do it and we are trying our best.

Oakland Drive is fully dedicated, from New Street to Biddulph Way, and a certificate of satisfaction was issued for it, accepting it as fit for maintenance at public expense in 1976. It abuts Biddulph Way and there is no land between them. The top two spits are vested in the Highway Authority. There is no private land to be bought.

There is no reason why the road cannot be restored to the "paved, metalled highway for the use of the public for all purposes for ever" which the 1968 agreement requires.

The documents concerned in the matter of the Certificate of Lawful Development, including the highways agreement, have been available at Ledbury Library since November 17, 2003, for all to see and read. We seek only to correct the description of the site, where Herefordshire Council has made an incorrect statement, and to have the reason for the issue of the certificate corrected to agree with the application. It is already established that the opening of the road would be lawful.

The planning committee of Ledbury Town Council has resolved to ask to see the public copy of the Oakland Drive Phase One Highways agreement and the authority for the stopping up of the road in order to establish the truth of the matter. I am most content that this should be done. If the stopping up is lawful I will be silenced. If not, I expect the road to be opened immediately.

JAMES CARGILL, Biddulph Way, Deer Park, Ledbury.