A St John Ambulance Cadet from Malvern put her skills to the test at a national competition.

Helen Legg, aged 15, joined 40 cadets from across the country for the Cadet of the Year competition last weekend, at Eynsham Hall in Oxford.

Miss Legg, Worcestershire's Cadet of the Year, had to take part in a three-day series of team tasks.

The cadets had to produce written reports, make presentations, host a dinner party, undergo two formal interviews and be assessed on a variety of skills.

Though a cadet from Derbyshire won the title, each entrant received a certificate and a souvenir of the contest.

Miss Legg, a pupil at Hanley Castle High School, said: "The weekend was amazing, a great experience. I really wasn't expecting to get this far.

"I love being a member of St John Ambulance. I used to be really shy but this has really done my confidence a lot of good."

Miss Legg , who is also a very keen swimmer, intends to use the skills she has learned during her time as a cadet to pursue a career in nursing.