A CAMPAIGN has been launched to bring broadband internet to every home and business in Herefordshire.

The We Want Broadband campaign is being run by the Herefordshire Partnership - a group of organisations working to improve life in the county - with £5 million of European money.

Broadband internet access has many benefits, including the faster transfer of information from the internet and via e-mail. It also enables a phone line and the internet to be used at the same time.

One business near Bromyard that would greatly benefit from broadband installation is Dragonfire, one of the country's leading firework display companies.

Managing director Andrew Fielder said: "Access to modern communications is really important. That is why I support the campaign."

Mr Fielder said his company relied on transferring images to sell and market its services. The new Dragonfire brochure had to be taken to a printer 30 miles away, instead of being sent via e-mail, because the file was too large to be sent electronically without broadband.

Firework displays are set to music and transferring music files from customers to the Dragonfire office and back again can take a long time without broadband to speed things up.

Mr Fielder said his firm needed the space and security of a rural location but it also needed broadband internet access to be able to operate effectively.

Those interested in broadband internet access, should register with the campaign at www.wewantbroadband. org or phone 01432 261888 for information.

Project manager Val Leyland said: "The more registrations we get the better."

Herefordshire has been split into different areas for the project. When enough interest is registered in an area the campaign will ask internet companies to bid for a contract to provide broadband, considering all delivery options.

It will then award the successful company grants to subsidise installation, hoping that enough business will be generated for the company to continue to provide the service alone.