A RESIDENTS' association is to be set up in Upper Welland to ease communications with Malvern Wells Parish Council.

Objectors to plans for a Vodafone mobile phone mast at Mayall Farm, Watery Lane, say they did not feel they were kept sufficiently informed about the parish council's recommendations on the application.

Caroline Bennett, who has been fronting a campaign against the mast, said: "Over the weekend, we made a decision to set up an Upper Welland residents' association.

"This will help against the breakdown in communication between Malvern Wells Parish Council and ourselves. This will guarantee it can't happen again, as we will be a body the parish council can consult.

"We will be leaving information in the local stores for anybody who's interested in helping."

Brian Wilcock, chairman of Malvern Wells Parish Council, said: "I think it's splendid, providing it's a responsible association. If they are willing to communicate with us, we will set up some arrangement to do this."

A candlelit vigil held in the village on Friday was the final step in the campaign against the mast. More than 100 people turned out, including Malvern Hills District Council leader Tom Wells, who came to hear local residents' concerns.

The application is due to be considered by MHDC planners at a meeting next Wednesday (January 21).