A PAINTBALL trip will be the first in what could be a series of events to improve the range of activities for young people in Upton.

The police have organised a trip for 13 to 16-year-olds to the paintball centre at Broughton Hackett, north of Worcester.

This takes place on Saturday, January 31, and costs £5. Transport will be provided by Malvern Hills District Council.

"We'll take a group on January 31 and see how they get on," said Upton beat manager PC Mark Taylor, who is organising the trip.

"If it's successful we could possibly finance another trip later in the year."

Youth provision in Upton is very limited.

The Rural Safety Group was set up last April to look at issues in the town, including provision of youth activities. Members include the police and representatives from the community, as well as the district council.

"Youth was one of the items that come top of the list," said PC Taylor.

"We haven't got a youth centre at the moment. The long-term aim is setting up something for the youth to go to."

PC Taylor said this would be less of a youth centre and more of a place for children to go, perhaps with a pool table. But the task is not an easy one.

"We are on the flood plain in Upton, so if you were looking at putting something on a certain site you would have to be careful of floods," he said.

"Being a small town with limited expansion, we are restricted. If any premises come up which might be suitable, we'll have a look at the cost and do a survey with the youngsters."

PC Taylor said he did not want to raise expectations, as there were no definite plans.

"But we are constantly looking for any opportunities that come up," he said.

Information and booking forms for the paintball trip are available from the Upton Tourist information Centre on High Street.