into another of Kempsey's rural lanes were raised by an application to lift trading restrictions at Inn Plants, of Old Road South.

At present the horticultural business can only sell what is grown there, but without restrictions it could become a normal garden centre, or even "a huge depot," parish councillors heard.

The site could become a large retail outlet for a diversity of goods and lead to problems with large articulated lorries, such as those experienced in Bestmans Lane and Brook End Lane, suggested Ray Ellis at a Kempsey Parish Council meeting this week.

David Harrison said it could be an asset to the village or a nightmare for the people living in Old Road South, while Peter Copson felt the restriction should stay, because there were too many uncertainties.

But Kim Rowswell said it would be nice to see it as a garden centre and Mikki Howes-Jones said it would bring more jobs.