DOG walkers in Stourport are being urged to bin their pet mess after a caravan site became littered with dozens of bags.

The bags containing dog faeces are being flung over a fence on a lane, leading to the River Severn, off Elmfield Walk, in the Lickhill area of the town.

The scenic right of way is popular with walkers, including people exercising their dogs.

The owners are conscientiously following health guidelines by picking up their pets' mess using plastic bags. But instead of disposing of it properly, they simply throw it over the fence into a grass area on the Lickhill Manor Caravan Park.

Stourport town councillor Peter Barrass said: "I can't understand why they go to all the trouble to bag it up which, as a dog owner, I think is the worst part, and then don't dispose of it safely.

"I had complaints so I went to take a look and counted 26 bags in the caravan park. Some of them have even caught on the branches of trees and are just swinging there.

"Because the dog muck is in plastic bags it doesn't rot. When you know what is in the bags it doesn't add to the area, which is a shame, because it is very pretty around there."

He is urging people to either take the offending bags home or place them in one of several nearby bins provided by Wyre Forest District Council for dog litter.

He said as pet owners returned from their strolls they could not miss the bins in Pine Walk on the way to Lower Lickhill Road.

Mr Barrass added: "The bins are quite well used so it is obviously a minority who are causing the problem. Possibly it is just one person who thinks nobody notices - but they do."