MORE than three-quarters of Worcester city centre residents surveyed back University College Worcester's plans to build a second campus on a disused hospital site.

Councillors had urged caution when the proposals were first revealed in September as home-owners in Britannia Square and the Arboretum were expected to oppose the scheme.

However, a delegation from the Henwick Road college yesterday told Worcestershire City Council 77 per cent of residents questioned were firmly behind the project.

The announcement was part of an update on UCW's ambitious plan to build another campus, catering for an additional 5,000 students, in Castle Street.

"Everyone accepts that the new site will not be without its problems, but its encouraging to see residents being consulted and backing the plans," said Andy Roberts, county councillor for Claines.

"The councillors were very enthusiastic and the benefits of a second campus would hopefully range well beyond education, into business and all sorts of training centres."

The St John's college is hoping to be awarded full-university status in September.