A PUB landlord in the Vale of Evesham is trying to start a war in his own back yard.

Peter Clarke, of the Fleece Inn, at Bretforton, wants historical re-enactment societies to drop in to perfrom mediaeval battle scenes.

Inspired by the 14th Century site's eventful past, he thinks it's time for a bit of ancient combat.

"The venue is renowned for its rich heritage and ancient folklore and staff and regulars alike agreed it would be exciting to conjure up some of that mystery and drama by bringing the past to life," said Mr Clarke.

"We'd be delighted to hear from any local historian who could recount the details of the site's past, or any historical societies who would be willing to act out those scenes."

The Fleece Inn, which is owned by the National Trust, dates back to the 1500s, when it was a one-storey house that would have sheltered a farmer and his stock under one roof.

Alterations were made to the building in the Tudor period and, in 1848, the farmhouse became a licensed house under Henry Byrd as the first publican. It was his great-grandaughter, Lola Taplin, who left the pub to the National Trust. She died in 1977 after being in charge for 30 years.

In 1994, the Fleece Inn was used to portray The Blue Dragon, in the BBC's TV adapation of Charles Dickens' Martin Chuzzlewit.

"Although we are familiar with the basics of the venue's history, who knows what important scenes have been played out during its 500 year life span?" added Mr Clarke.

"Everyone here at the Fleece Inn hopes as many people as possible volunteer to take past in what promises to be a fascinating and exciting glimpse of life half a century ago."

Anyone interested in taking part in the re-enactments should contact Mr Clarke on 01386 831173.