I HAVE concluded that it would be pointless for someone as "obdurate" as I to respond, in detail, to someone as besotted about Europe as Paul Griffiths.

His letter headlined "Paranoid nonsense about Europe" bears no relationship to the facts.

Europe was in fact carving England into regions before the ink was dry on our referendum.

I do not want to be governed by a cabinet of a handful of people in Birmingham's so-called West Midlands' Regional Government, or by unaccountable and unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

As far as I am concerned, Europe is a dictatorship. It is regulation-mad.

I don't care what Mr Griffiths says about his websites, and all the other paraphernalia of covert Europe integration. When the besotted soldiers of European integration have finished their fight, we shall see that our Parliament has been destroyed, together with our House of Lords, while the entire government of our nation will be run from Brussels, via the regional assemblies that Brussels is attempting to impose on England.

Mr Griffiths and his ilk will huff and puff, and call such suggestions outrageous, but that is what is going to happen sooner or later.

And if Mr Blair gets his way, and hoodwinks the people of England, into voting for Europe's monopoly money - the so-called euro - which has plunged in value ever since it was issued, we shall see our vigorous and healthy economy return to the same levels of stagnation experienced in the 80s.

There is only one choice facing the electorate of Great Britain - freedom or dictatorship. Being "obdurate", my "vote" is for freedom - the freedom to elect the Government we want.