MOST people I meet don't seem to realise the very serious implications of joining the euro, and what we would lose by changing.

We would be handing over all our gold reserves from the Bank of England. They will be gone, forever, into the European melting pot for distribution to "the poorer countries" in the EU.

Maybe there is nothing wrong in that, but no wonder they are queuing up to join "our club"! They will all be net beneficiaries - only Germany and ourselves are net contributors.

Changing the money in your pocket and purse is the easy bit. That will only cost £36bn. It's the baggage that comes with the Euro that is so important.

There will be total surrender to the European (unelected) Parliament, loss of national identity, (a clearly, stated aim of the EU, all set out in print), and we will also lose our ability to govern ourselves.

You only have to read the papers, or talk to your friends in Europe, to discover that, already, at this early stage, they are not very happy with the whole set-up. But for them it's too late.