ELDERLY Worcester people living in sheltered housing were treated to a day of pampering to encourage them to take care of themselves.

Residents of Warmstry Court, in the city centre, were treated to the makeovers to promote healthy living.

"The event was to do with sheltered housing week," said scheme manager Sandra Horton.

"It aimed to promote healthy, independent people within the housing association.

"We had an exercise demonstration, with an aromatherapist.

"Everything was geared up to showing that elderly people can be healthy as well."

Worcester antiques expert Henry Sandon and visitors from Age Concern went along to the day-long event.

"We started holding the event last year and will be holding another one next year," added Mrs Horton.

"We're going to hold a meeting and see what to do with the money, maybe go out for the day or have a meal."