PARENTS at a Worcestershire pre-school threatened with closure held a meeting to discuss its future.

The Manor Park Pre-School in Lower Wick, near Worcester, could be closed for good in July if it cannot find new premises.

Its current home in Regina Close is being handed back by the Ministry of Defence to Annington Homes.

Around 25 parents attended the meeting with Worcester's MP Mike Foster and Worcester city councillor Derek Prodger yesterday.

"I thought it was a helpful and useful meeting to try and explore all the possible options that are available to try and keep Manor Park Pre-school running," said Mr Foster.

"There's a great deal of uncertainty still but it was clear that there was a very positive spirit to try to get something done.

"Unfortunately, there's not going to be a quick fix, but I've come away with a long list of things to do."

The pre-school has been running since 1976 and was primarily for services' children. There are 32 children on the pre-school register.

Lyn Mclean, who runs the pre-school, said all parents could do now was wait.

"We didn't get further forward but there are options," said Mrs Mclean.

"It was well supported and all the parents want to know is where their children are going in September. There will always be a few forces families in the area and that's what we're trying to tell the MOD."