SIXTY-FIVE inner city flats can be built on a car park off The Butts in Worcester, councillors have decided.

As well as building on the NCP car park at 14 to 24 The Butts, vehicle repair and glass centre buildings will have to be demolished.

The proposal is for 56 flats in a four-storey block and a separate block of nine affordable housing flats.

"The provision of affordable housing does not meet our 30 per cent target, but there are special circumstances and the head of housing is happy with the provision," said Peter Yates, principal planning officer at the city council.

"I think it's a development that is well suited to the area," said Councillor Gary Kibblewhite at the latest planning meeting.

"But I am disappointed with the amount of housing managed by housing association."

Although councillors were disappointed with the lack of affordable housing, the plans were welcomed as a step towards tidying up the area.

"I am all in favour of this development to tidy up a bit of an eyesore," said Councillor Ray Turner.

Councillor Derek Prodger said he was only disappointed that this "is not a comprehensive completion of The Butts".