THE fate of the former Co-op site on Newtown Road in Worcester still hangs in the balance.

Members of the city council's planning committee have deferred a decision on the former Co-op Dairy and Leo's Foodstore - owned by Lidl.

Lidl wants to build a superstore there which would be about the same size as its Blackpole store.

As well as the new store, an outline planning application includes temporary family accommodation, 55 houses and apartments and a new employment development.

Objecting on behalf of five neighbours, Gary Bailey, of Keeble Close, criticised the plans for having too many houses too close together.

"There is nowhere for the children to play or any recreation area," Mr Bailey told committee members.

He said one area of the site would attract "unwanted types of people" and residents would be disturbed by the noise of lorries.

"There would only be two or three lorries a day," said Andrew Beard, from CSJ Planning Consultants, on behalf of Lidl.

Although councillors were eager to see something done with the site they were concerned about lorries having to reverse in the site and the lack of a recreation area for children.

Councillors agreed to the family accommodation but deferred a decision on the employment area. They were also minded to refuse the Lidl store and the 55 houses.