A PERSHORE school is to have a crossing patrol and the search is now on for a Vale lollipop man or lady to escort children across it.

Abbey Park Middle School staff are delighted that children who walk to and from the school will be safer following a survey - carried out by Worcestershire County Council's road safety team - which established the need for a crossing on the road.

The survey was undertaken following pressure from pupils at the school who encountered a few near misses from passing vehicles and decided to take up the issue with Pershore's MP, Sir Michael Spicer, who was invited to the school to take up the matter.

Sir Michael said: "I am absolutely delighted by the news that the council is willing to provide a manned crossing.

"The matter was originally raised to me by the children themselves. It shows how worthwhile their initiative in inviting me to the school and in raising the issue with me was. I now hope that the crossing will be manned as soon as possible."

Road safety officer, Roger Woodward, said the survey was carried out when children went back to school earlier this year.

The survey measured the busiest half-hour for pedestrians and traffic and then multiplied the total by the amount of the vehicles to see if a patrol was required.

Mr Woodward said: "We can then train them up and give them all the necessary equipment they need to patrol the crossing and make pupils walk to school more safely."

Headteacher Lynn Evans said: "There hasn't been a particular accident but there were some near misses and parents had also expressed their concern.

"Anything that is to do with safer journeys to school is to be commended and we appreciate the efforts of the children."