A RUNAWAY horse caused "considerable excitement" in the North Malvern-Link Top area a 100 years ago, according to the Malvern Gazette.

"It appears from the facts our representative gathered from PC Ellison that the animal belonged to Mr George Hill, builder, Albert Park Road, and was standing attached to a cart outside the Lamb Inn, West Malvern," the paper reported.

"The driver was sitting at the side of the cart, in the act of drinking a cup of tea, when the horse bolted and proceeded at a rapid pace towards the North.

"It came in contact with a milk cart, and turned the latter completely over, the lad in charge also being thrown on the road, but luckily without injury.

"Galloping on, the horse reached the Police Station (then in Worcester Road, near the North Malvern Road junction) and very nearly effected damage there.

"It, however, got away clear and made next in the direction of Oxford Terrace on to the Common, where, after cantering about for some time, it was captured. Fortunately no-one was hurt and the animal itself was only slightly damaged."