n COUNTY Councillor Stephen Clee is absolutely right, of course (You Say, November 26).

Worcestershire MP Peter Luff also has warned that Britain's historic counties, including Worcestershire, will be scrapped under Labour's plans for regional assemblies - claiming that restructuring alone could cost Worcestershire taxpayers £50m.

Mr Luff made the same comments as Stephen Clee following the recent admission by Government Minister Lord Falconer that setting up regional assemblies would create "one tier of government too many".

The UK Independence Party has for a long time been forecasting the likelihood of such a catastrophe - pointing out its inevitability while Britain remains a member of the European Union.

The EU decided many years ago how it intends to control Britain and the other member states. The abolition of our county councils in favour of regional assemblies directly accountable to Brussels is the next step towards extinction of our parliament at Westminster.

Those who have doubted UKIP's warnings can now see for themselves what lies in store.

We must get Britain out of the EU before it is too late. If ever we should lose our democracy we will never get it back.


UK Independence Party

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