THE results of Sunday morning's fixture between Malvern and Bromsgrove would do little

justice to the effort and commitment put in by a Malvern side which was playing a team a year older.


The match took the form of two games of eight minutes each way. With all the Malvern players running and tackling well they rose to the challenge but lost the first game by four tries to one.

In the second game it was more of the same, although Malvern did manage to reduce the try tally to 3-2 in Bromsgrove's favour.

Next week, the squad will be split into two, Under 7's and Under 8's, and the coaches are already looking forward to building teams of winners through hard work and

great fun.

If you want to play and you were under 8 on September 1, come along on Sunday and ask for Paul McDonald.