AFTER the long haul north to Tamworth last Sunday, it took two early converted tries to shock the 'Pirates' into action against a home side that were significantly bigger and quicker in all departments.


But once Malvern woke-up, the game became an even contest, with Tamworth making the most of the kick-ahead and pace on the wings and Malvern tackling and counter-attacking with determination, playing straight into the faces of their hosts who were uneasy with this form of aggressive play.

Trailing by 28-0 at half-time, Malvern had not only another thirty minutes of Tamworth to contend with, but also horizontal rain and a chilling head-wind. Nevertheless, the visitors contested manfully to keep the score rate down and just when most sides would have capitulated, the "Pirates" went on the attack to secure their first points with a Will Bowen try. And that's how it remained with Malvern in control and Tamworth defending until another hack-on by Tamworth resulted in the final play.

Winger David Morgans won his second man-of-the-match award.

Note: This Sunday (December 2) the Malvern RFC U11, U12 and U13 squads will be travelling to play Aberdare in the valleys of South Wales. The coach will depart at 9.10am and parents are welcome to join the touring party which will return to Malvern RFC by 2.30 to 3 pm (approx). Details from Malvern RFC on (01684) 573728.