THE dress sense of Worcester people was still under the national spotlight at this time a century ago.

Berrow's of 1901 reminded readers of a survey in a leading London journal that had compared sartorial standards in several cities across the kingdom. Liverpool, Glasgow and Bristol came out commendably, but Manchester, Birmingham and Worcester received considerable censure.

Worcester was found to be 'everything a city should not be in the matter of dress.'

However, the latest edition of the same national journal has this to say: 'We note, after a further visit, that Worcester has learned its lesson. A very decided improvement was apparent, and quite a large number of smartly cut and well-made suits were being worn.

Younger members of the community were showing style in dress while their elders were displaying a new found regard for good clothing with bespoke morning coats and overcoats.

''We are glad to have been instrumental in helping the faithful citizens to find the way to their tailors'.