Wife walks out on family

1801: Mary, the wife of William Jorden of Bell Heath in the County of Worcester, eloped from her husband on Sunday and left him with six small children. This public notice is therefore to caution all persons harbouring the said woman that William Jorden will not pay any debts she may contract after this notice.

Very heavy snow fell last Friday, which was so deep in many places as to delay the mail and other coaches for several hours beyond their usual times. The London mail coach which should have reached this city about noon on Saturday, did not come in until between two and three o'clock on Sunday morning.

A bright bay young horse with a white nose strayed recently into a field belonging to Mr Hill of Ronkswood near this city and remained there for five days before being removed to the Cattle Pound. Whoever can prove the said horse to be their property may have him again on paying expenses.

Lordship in difficulties

1901: Lord Dudley is a patron of motor cars. One of his cars, kept at his home, Witley Court, was taken by his lordship to Friday's meet of the Worcestershire Hounds. On the way something went wrong, but the engineer was with the car and, after a delay of little more than half-an-hour, it was able to proceed. With motor cars and cycles, there is now a decidedly increased following for fox hunts though, of course, the motor car does not take part in the chase.

Worcestershire County Cricket Club suffered a £861 deficit on the 1901 season, mainly due to bad weather and reduced gate money. The team played 21 matches, winning seven, losing 10 and drawing four. The number of club members was 828 gentlemen and 306 ladies.

Worcester Debating Society carried the following resolution by 12 votes to six: "Trade unions, as at present conducted, are detrimental to the best interests of the workmen, their employers and the country at large.

£5.18s.11d to drive a bus

1951: Wanted by the Midland Red at its Worcester Garage drivers, conductors and conductresses. Regular employment and an open-air living. The guaranteed minimum wage for a 44-hour week is drivers £5.18s.11d and conductors/conductresses £5.15s. Other benefits are free uniforms and free travel to and from work by bus.

Mr Vernon Turner of Bath Road, Worcester has been elected in London as the new President of the English Bowling Association. Records show that this is the first time Worcestershire has provided the President, an office which was first held by the cricket legend Dr W.G Grace in 1903.

Worcester Operatic and Dramatic Society's 55th production is on stage at the Theatre Royal all this week. It's the gay and charming Student Prince, and among the principals are Jean Parsons, James Crawshaw, Charles Perks and Tom Farr.