Young music makers in the Malvern area are being given the opportunity to record in a state-of-the-art studio and appear on a special compilation CD.

Musicians, DJs and singers will have access to professional musical advisers and a portable 64-track recording studio at Malvern's Youth Centre.

The Up4it project, run by Worcestershire County Council, has secured funding of £21,500 from the National Foundation For Youth Music.

It will lead to a live concert and compilation CD next summer.

Dena Falk , the county's Malvern area youth worker, said: "The project is very exciting and innovative.

"It gives young people the opportunity to experiment with professional musicians and producers and state of the art equipment in a way that's unique."

The studio will be travelling to youth clubs across the county and includes analogue and digital mixing desks, samplers, keyboards and an Apple Mac G4. It has already been used by several members of Malvern's Youth Centre and local schools, as well as by older musicians. Anyone aged 14 to 25 who is interested, should contact Dena on 01684 575363.