SADLY once again, a big name builder in Laing has won - this time to the detriment and really obvious highway danger of the immediate community.

It is unsound to allow the side-by-side double driveways of two newly approved developments at Croftdown School and Abbotsfield to be allowed to access onto the hairpin junction of Abbey Road and Priory Road.

We would like to thank Coun Brian Pilcher for being the only man at MHDC's southern area planning sub-committee meeting (Monday, November 19) honest enough to ask why the entrance could not be moved southwards, off this dangerous junction. The answer for council planner Duncan Rudge was that the whole length of the frontage wall would have to be demolished - why? Also that the gradient would require a longer drive behind the proposed buildings. If this is for safety, should not the Malvern peoples' welfare be considered ahead of the builders' demands?

RM & CW YOLLAND, Abbey Road, Great Malvern