NOISE pollution caused by youngsters using the skate facilities at Victoria Park has prompted neighbours to call for action by the town council.

In a letter to the authority, Viv Thomson, chairman of the Victoria Park Residents' Association, is demanding that the park either be moved, or that steps are taken to prevent its use during the evening and throughout the night.

"Prior to the redevelopment of the park, none of the residents had ever had occasion to call the police," she said, "Now we are on first name terms with them."

Martin Cale, of Spring Lane, said he would only be satisfied once the park was moved.

"I no longer have a back gate to speak of because of vandals having a go at it," he said.

"I've let everything run wild in my garden to try and discourage them, but it doesn't seem to work.

"But my main complaint is the noise."

Mayor Whinray Coates said the council would be scrutinising the park as part of the Best Value Review after Christmas.

"There is no easy answer, and we have to consider the children who use the park as well as the residents," she said.