I WOULD like to congratulate Councillor Nussbaum on her well reasoned letter (Postbag, November 16) on the question of "The Madness of Ledbury Loos".

I fear that what she has unearthed in Herefordshire Council is a bad case of TMIAG (Trust me I'm a Genius).

It is obvious that "consultation" really means "telling them nicely what we are going to do". Unfortunately the Genius (or Genii) has not noticed that we have an ever larger proportion of elderly residents and visitors, who have increasing gynaecological and prostatic problems. Closing the Church Street convenience is simply stupid, and the opposite of convenient for the public.

If for some reason the Herefordshire councillors wish to damage the prosperity of Ledbury, then they will be successful, if the views of our own town council are ignored.

Citizens of Ledbury, we must write, phone, and attend the final planning meeting to object. We must fight TMIAG.

P A WELLER, Upper Cross, Ledbury.