I AM so glad the gas lamps have been listed. I have had the contract for cleaning them for about two years. I will lose this job now because it has to be done by a Corgi-trained person.

It makes me think we will have to have Corgi people in to clean our gas cookers or fires next, the 'nanny state' gone mad again.

There is no danger whatsoever with doing this job. If the pilot light goes out it is just a matter of striking a match to light it again, just as you would with home appliances.

I do not need this work now so I do not mind losing it but it would have been a shame if Malvern lost these lamps as they are the only ones left in England in local authority hands.

I have been photographed by lots of tourists on my ladder and am always asked questions about them by locals and tourists.

JOHN A WELLS, 29 Madresfield Road, Malvern.