COULD I make some practical suggestions to the long-running argument regarding the historical gas lamps.

I think no one will disagree when I say that as a form of illumination they are totally inadequate. Even when all the four mantles are working (a rarity) the lighting is no more than a 60 watt lamp.

Also I am equally certain that all your readers who advocate leaving the gas lights alone and continue paying the exorbitant cost of maintaining them do not live in an area that is served solely by the gaslights.

May I suggest that those in favour of the status quo walk on a dark night from Abbey Road to Hanley Road i.e. across the common. They will find less than half the lights operating properly and the other half either off completely or with only one or two mantles working, despite regular maintenance.

This is a very busy A-road so why the highway authority permits such appalling illumination through a built up area amazes me.

The most dangerous section of road in Malvern must surely be between 131 Wells Road and Hanley Road, where the hedge is often growing over the pavement forcing pedestrians to walk in the road to avoid the brambles with only the lights of the cars to see where to walk.

Despite this, I like the gas standards and consider them a tourist attraction so I would like to suggest the following: take them all up, refurbish them, convert them to electric lighting, and put them where both tourists and the townsfolk can appreciate them - in Great Malvern town itself.

BRIAN DAVIS, Wells Road, Malvern Wells.