MALVERN Town are looking to appoint a new first team coach as the first step in a gradual readjustment of the club's management structure.

The Express and Star League Premier Division side developed a new framework some months ago as the club continue to negotiate with a property developer concerning the possible sale of the Langland Stadium and a move to a brand new Southern League standard stadium.

The deal with the developer, to pursue a process that will look to relocate the club, has now been verbally agreed, but details will not be made public until a formal signing has taken place.

Former assistant manager Richard Anson becomes general manager of the football section and has immediately looked to appoint a coach to work with Town boss Joey Rawle.

Anson said: "As anyone involved in the game will tell you, the day to day management of players can be very time consuming and to continue to do this and head up the relocation project and Malvern Town Football Section, would just be impossible.

"My role will still see me maintaining a very close relationship with Joe and the new coach, but to also ensure that all the other sides we run are being developed with a view to where we want the club to be in the future.

"This will mean continuing to look at the strengthening of our excellent youth structure which has recently seen eight players selected for the county and Lee Hooper, Adam Simpson and Mark Taylor all forcing their way into the first team squad, indeed Hooper is also attracting the interest of both Premier and Nationwide League clubs.

"Also having been involved from day one in discussions with the interested property developer, this activity is only likely to increase.

"Additionally, it is important that we start to get our structure right now, so if we do eventually move, everything is already in place rather than deal with it then."

Anson continued: "As part of the whole process we want to recruit a high calibre coach, not just to meet current needs, but one who will play a pivotal role in the club's future."

All people interested in applying, should either write confidentially to Richard Anson at: Malvern Town Football Club, Langland Stadium

Langland Avenue, Malvern, Worcs

WR14 2EQ.

Alternatively, Richard Anson can be e-mailed at, or he can be contacted on 07769 710858 (m) or 01789 721843 (b).

Anson hopes to have someone appointed by January 2002.