WHEN an inspector calls on the well-to-do 1912 Birling household, he already knows each family member is so steeped in arrogant selfishness that they have provoked the suicide of a beautiful woman.

The situation is explored by a cast of six in the latest Conquest Theatre Production directed by Glyn Condliffe. Master of the household Arthur Birling (Hugh Farey) is prompted by the inspector to reveal himself as a greedy employer who sacked the young girl after denying her a pay rise, while the vanity of daughter Sheila (Ann Smith) cost the girl her next job in a shop.

After then being cast off as the mistress of future son-in-law Gerald Croft (Jonathan Lester), the despairing woman becomes pregnant after falling into the drunken arms of young Eric Birling (Robert Hollis), whose own moral weaknesses force her to refuse his stolen money.

Stony-faced Mrs Birling (Sarah Handley) then shows her unsympathetic stance in explaining how the girl approached her charitable fund for a last appeal for help.

With full confessions heard, the inspector departs leaving a battle of remorse and denial.

In this cohesive production of J B Priestley's famous play, fine performances are turned in by all. It continues until tomorrow (Saturday).

Ally Hardy