SEX Tripping, a name which suggests a spicy trip down a lane of heightened senses, is in fact a showcase for new bands and artists.

It promises a sizzling collection of real stories performed by bands and artists recently signed to Mighty Atom Smasher record label, a label run by students on the Music Industry Management Course at Kidderminster College.

We have orders from all over the world, says Kevin Gammond the course tutor. "We want the music to be incredible and innovative.

We work in the outer limits of pop and the music we sign hasn't got too commercial.

The course lasts for one year and students learn art and design, music contracts, book keeping and even get signed to the label.

The music, which consists of compilation CDs has so far been released through small distribution areas and mail order, but will soon be released on a college website currently being set up.

We have orders from countries such as The United States, Italy and Canada, says Kevin, who regularly gigs with Led Zepelin's Robert Plant.

Home-grown music at the college is looking stronger by the day.

Bands are looking closer at crossing borders, exploring themes such as 'what happens when rap meets poetry.'

King Rich will be just one of the artists who is appearing as part of the Sex Tripping Showcase at The Marr's Bar, Worcester.

His band, recently recorded their song Pandora's Box at a barn near Shatterford.

Pandora's box is a place of forbidden delights, tasted only by those who follow the writings of the Marquis de Sade and Leopold Von Sacher Masoch, he says.

Other artists on the bill include Tommy Raw Smith's band Effigy.

They will be performing their latest song Little Monsters which is being recorded for a compilation to be released on Mighty Atom Smasher in the new year.

The song uses poetic and musical symbolism to represent Little Monsters, beings that are brutal yet beautiful and oddly dignified, says 19-year-old Tommy, who originally came from St John's before moving to Kidderminster.

Other bands to be featured at the showcase include Crux South, Weak 13, AK, Tantrum and Eleventhirtysix.

We're always looking for musicians to send us demos for new compilations, says Kevin.

The students listen to new material sent and make a decision among themselves.

Any musicians or music lovers can come down to The Marr's Bar and meet the students, it will be an adventurous evening.

Sex Tripping takes place on Monday, December 3 at The Marr's Bar, Pierpoint Street, Worcester.

Admission is £2 and doors open at 7.30pm till late.

Any artists or bands interested in signing to Mighty Atom Smasher should send material to Kevin Gammond, C/O Kidderminster College, Music Department, Hoo Road, Kidderminster, DY10 1LX.