Comedian Lenny Henry brings his own inimitable brand of humour to Malvern when his new one-man show arrives the Forum Theatre on Sunday (December 2).

Featuring all-new material, the show Have You Seen This Man? takes audiences on a journey back to the roots of Britain's premier black comedian.

Lenny's family moved to England in the 1950s and he was born shortly afterwards in Dudley, West Midlands.

"My family came to the UK at a time when blacks were just beginning to be integrated into British society," he said.

"I was one of just three blacks at school."

He is also promising plenty of topical comedy and material on being a "21st century kinda guy".

Lenny is also assuring them of an hilarious night out with "lots of new characters, lots of new jokes, hardly any swearing and no audience participation".

Despite being entitled Have You Seen This Man? some may think it is difficult to avoid him.

Certainly, he is never too long off our screens. After this year's Comic Relief Campaign he is returning with a new TV series, Lenny Henry in Pieces, starting next month.

It is based on his BBC Christmas special last year, which won the prestigious Golden Rose Award from the Montreux TV Festival in May.

Lenny shot to fame in TISWAS, the classic and anarchic Saturday morning children's programme.

But he is best known for his own shows and creations such as Theophilus P. Wildebeeste, the one-man 'sex machine', and Chef!, in which he portrayed irascible head chef Gareth Blackstock.

Despite all his TV work, Henry continues to return to the stage for his one-man shows and experience the special buzz only a live audience can deliver. The performance is sold out.