West Malvern's fame is spreading world-wide! David Constable, who is responsible for sales of the West Malvern Book, published last year by the Friends of St James's Church, reports receiving an order from someone in Malaysia - who wanted a copy sent to a friend in Australia. Some 150 copies have been sold since publication last year, raising useful sums for the church roof restoration fund. An attractive Christmas present for those who know (or have known) the village, copies can be obtained from David Constable at 199 West Malvern Road (tel: 572437), price £13.50 each.

The book was just one of a splendid array of locally made items on display a Saturday's well-attended craft fair in the Village Hall. Articles as varied as paintings, pottery, Christmas gifts of various kinds, coppice products and silk fibre artefacts provided a fine show, and underlined the wealth of artistic talent that exists in our local community.

Final reminder: Tonight's (Friday) the night for the cricket club's big auction of goods and promises at the Lyttelton Well. Viewing from 7.30pm, bidding starts at 8pm.