A WORCESTER man suffering from mental health problems admitted burgling a chip shop even though he could not recollect a thing.

Last month, Robert Bevan admitted breaking in to St John's chip shop in Lambert Road after samples of his blood were found inside the cash till and on the front wall.

After forcing entry, when the owner left before midnight on Saturday, February 3, he stole £40 from the cash register, which was then dumped by the front door.

But despite his guilty plea, the 32-year-old told police he could not remember committing the crime and was confessing on the basis of forensic evidence.

He appeared before Droitwich magistrates yesterday to be sentenced.

The bench heard of Bevan's "lengthy" criminal record, mainly for burgling premises other than private homes, but also his deep psychological problems.

At the time of the burglary, he was under the influence of powerful medication and had been made the subject of hospital orders.

Nick Roberts, defending, said the comprehensive reports put before the bench shed light on his client's problems and history.

"He's been interviewed four times for Operation Goldfinch, an investigation into abuse at a care home," he said.


"He was sent there to protect him from the abuse he received at his own home but unfortunately it didn't protect him at all."

Mr Roberts said Bevan, of Tunnel Hill, Rainbow Hill, was scared to be put on a probation order because it would take him away from his home, his belongings and his cat.

"I've explained that nowadays you can stay in your own abode with the help of a social worker," he said.

"He pays his current fines automatically from his allowance or else he would forget."

Magistrates sentenced him to a 12-month community rehabilitation order, with £340 compensation to the chip shop.