DISCARDED syringes littering a play area on a Worcester estate could soon be a problem of the past after the promise of a new spy camera.

People living near Millennium Garden which is in a secluded spot between St Peter's Village Hall and Tesco claim the drug problem started around 18 months ago.

And members of St Peter' Parish Council have made calls for a camera to be installed to catch the drug-users red-handed.

Tesco has revealed it will be providing a camera for the spot although parish council members have no idea when.

The idea was given the go-ahead after parish council chairman Roger Knight met with the manager of Tesco, Adam Kirk last week.

"We have found syringes and other evidence that indicated drug-taking," said Mr Knight at a St Peter's Parish Council meeting this week.

"It's a good place for people not to be seen.

"We need a surveillance camera and the camera should be of good quality".

After the meeting, Mr Knight said he was hoping to fix a camera to the end of the building to overlook the park, which is around 20 square feet in size.

"The syringes are not a new thing, they have been found in the same area over this year," he said.

"The garden was originally built as a children's play area and is used by children on a regular basis.

"A person has also been sleeping rough out there on the bench, and has made himself a bed there for the past couple of weeks.

"It is a hidden spot and we could also do with see through railings instead of a fence."

Tesco manager Adam Kirk confirmed a camera would be installed in January next year.