A VAGRANT whose plight was highlighted by concerned traders in Evesham has been found a home.

Traders were worried Fred Jacques, who begged in the town in flimsy, filthy clothes, might freeze to death if he was left to sleep under trees or derelict buildings at night to keep warm.

Clean clothes and food were handed over while different authorities were contacted in a vain attempt to find him a shelter.

Evesham police arrested Mr Jacques for vagrancy in the hope the probation service might help him.

But although the man, who is in his 60s, was convicted, he was given an absolute discharge and was back on the streets again.

But after his case was highlighted in the Press, Mr Jacques has moved to the Birmingham Mission.

"He's safe here and has been heartily tucking into all of his meals," said Mission worker Peter Avis.

Evesham's PC Roy Storr said: "Having liaised with housing needs at Wychavon, a place was eventually found for him at the mission in Washington Street.

"The police provided the transport and Mr Jacques will be checked over mentally and physically to enable the staff to assess his needs.


"Because he has a permanent home, he will be able to claim benefits, which should give him some money in his pocket."

PC Storr explained the situation had been difficult because Mr Jacques had not asked for help and his problems did not officially exist.

Newsagent Ellen Morrison from Team News, said: "It's fantastic news. The staff here are thrilled to bits. We couldn't bear the though that Fred might die of hypothermia when the really cold weather comes."