100 years ago

An overcoat, stolen from Mr Betteridge's, Lower Howsell, on the 14th September, was one day during the present week discovered under some hop bins on a hop-yard between Stocks Lane and Bransford, together with another coat, which was not missed at the time it was taken. Malvern Gazette, October 25, 1901.

Harry Harrington, agricultural engineer of Ledbury, sued Thomas Hodges, auctioneer of Lindstock, to recover the sum of £3 19s 10d for work done at different times, which included £2 2s 6d for making cider, hire of horse rake and sundry repairs. Defendant counter-claimed for £4 10s, the value of a mangle left with the plaintiff to repair, which had never been returned. Ledbury Free Press, October 29, 1901.


The much-disputed overhead electricity lines are likely after all to put in an appearance over the Malvern Hills but, if so, only for a temporary period not exceeding 12 months. A letter from the Ministry stated that the Midlands Electricity Board requires these lines mainly for the purpose of reinforcing supplies in the Herefordshire area. Malvern Gazette, October 26, 1951.

Ever since December 1950, when Ledbury Rural Council submitted to an injunction restraining them from polluting Colwall Brook, the council have been hard at work arranging for an improvement at the sewage works in Colwall. It was stated that the estimated cost of the works would be £18,500. This would be subject to a loan, payable over 30 years. Ledbury Reporter, October 26, 1951.


Over 50 members of Malvern Townswomen's Guild celebrated the guild's 10th birthday at their October meeting. The chairman, Mrs E J Jones, said it was pleasing that a number of founder members were still with the guild and it was hoped that during the coming years it would continue to grow and celebrate another ten years. Malvern Gazette, October 28, 1976.

Father Christmas made his first appearance in Ledbury on Saturday, at a fair in St Katherine's Hall, organised in aid of Ledbury Town Football Club. It had the desired effect, attracting plenty of parents and children to the event, which raised £119 for club funds. Ledbury Reporter, October 28, 1976.