MARION Large (You Say, October 18) accuses me of ''snipping'' at or disagreeing with the Government regarding the hunting issue.

Perhaps she has forgotten that thankfully we live in a democratic society and are still able to speak freely.

There is no need whatsoever to massage statistics to prove there is a much wider acceptance of hunting that Ms Large would have us believe, the facts speak for themselves.

A poll conducted in July of this year by NOP found that 66 per cent of rural vets supported the continuation of hunting with dogs, subject to statutory regulation and 79 per cent considered that the fox control was necessary in rural areas.

These significant figures were compiled by an independent polling organisation after questioning members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Quite how these facts can be ''massaged' to suit is a complete mystery to me.

The anti-hunting video Ms Large refers to is, I believe, one recently published by the League Against Cruel Sports.

It contains a considerable amount of old or rehashed material and no surplices.

I understand that it has an 18 certificate, not because of its portrayal of hunting but because of the foul language contained in its commentary.

When Marion Large writes of MPs being intimidated, she should question wether this Government has the right to persecute a significant minority for wanting to continue their traditional way of life.



With thanks!

n I WOULD like to take this opportunity to thank all the very kind people who helped me to my feet on October 17, in the High Street outside Marks & Spencer.

Incidentally, the embarrassment of falling down was bad enough, but on showing my son my bloodied hand, (whom I was hurrying to meet at the time) I got the remark: ''but people do fall down when they get old Mum!''

Love you Mark!

MRS P COLE, Worcester.