ALL I can say in response to Peter Nielsen's letter "When Fine Words Are Not Enough" (Your Say, October 19), is, thank God he is not in a position of political power.

I would strongly suggest that he studies the rise of bin Laden and al Quida following the fall of the Ottaman Empire and then follows it with a course of study on Germany in the 1930s, the Rise of the Third Reich and the tactics of Adolf Hitler.

Just compare the similarities. These maniacs, who completely misrepresent Islam and use it for their own warped self-righteousness, hail Hitler as a hero, but one who fell short by failing to complete his task of complete and absolute irradication of the Jews. Hitler, of course, used Christianity in a similar way.

I dare say that Mr Nielsen believes that Britain and America should never have gone to war with Germany but, instead, simply have engaged Herr Hitler in cozy talks over coffee .

I'm sure that would have made the world a much better place.