HOW many readers will agree, that the Home Secretary should press for a new law to curb the violence we read about daily?

I am convinced that if pain is inflicted on the culprit they would think and think again before they committed a similar act.

I suggest that the sentence is made clear in that the only punishment for such an offence is the birch or cat-o'ninetails, depending on the age.

Not only would this be a deterrent to the would-be thugs, the ones who ignored the new law and suffered the punishment, I'm sure not many would wish to be charged again with similar crime.

The new Law should most certainly be applied to an assault on any police officer.

I should also like to see the cane brought back into use in schools.

I'm sure that in my day, it kept us all in line, as these dastardly crimes were not heard about in my school days.

If there had to be a fight, there certainly was no kicking involved.

I feel sure that if National Service was still in operation, crimes of this nature would certainly be reduced.

You went in as a lad and came out as a man, not a thug.

F THOMAS, Malvern.