HAVE you noticed the number of "makeover" programmes on television? They make fascinating viewing. There are series about gardens being completely changed (usually as a surprise), programmes about lifestyles being transformed and many shows that alter rooms out of all recognition.

We are amused and sometimes astonished by the designers' outrageous tastes. But would you like your house to be decorated in some of the way-out colour schemes?

But what happens afterwards? The gardens aren't always well looked after, bright colour schemes are toned down and life returns to normal as though nothing had really changed.

Contrast this "instant fix" with the effects of faith in people's lives.

This is about real change and not just on the surface. This isn't fancy make-up or a new wardrobe of clothes or even some trendy new furniture.

Faith produces deep and long lasting changes and, for those who value it, never goes out of fashion.

The Rev. Catherine Campbell Hyde, Superintendent Methodist Minister.