TRADERS in Barnard's Green have expressed anger over the state of car parking outside their shops.

Businesses say the lack of proper car parks is driving customers away.

Some also claim the police are doing nothing and the lack of traffic wardens means there is no deterrent to those who flout laws designed to limit long-term parking.

Sue Mackintosh, a partner at Smack's Toys and Smack's Togs, said the problem should have been addressed when the Green was redeveloped.

"The traders asked for a car park and CCTV but nothing happened, we just got flowerpots and things instead," she said. "The parking here is awful and if people can't park they move on. Some folks just leave their cars here all day."

Mike Montfort, who owns Just So, said: "Parking has always been a problem here. People have been abusing the parking limits and there's no traffic warden in Malvern anymore. The police say they can't do anything. If people can't park they'll go elsewhere."

Andrew Brooks, partner at The Cheeseboard, agreed that the police could do more.

"The police don't seem to be interested, we've not had a warden for donkey's years. Some people will abuse the laws and park all day, that could be ten customers we're losing."

Paul Sobczyk, head of client services at Malvern Hills District Council, said although Barnard's Green already had a car park in Geraldine Road, he did not rule out another being built.

"I'm reviewing car parking at the moment and it was discussed at the last meeting of the executive board," he said.

"The recommendation was that there should be a more thorough review and car park provision could feature in that. There's no reason why Barnard's Green should not be included."

Sgt Charles Heritage, for West Mercia police, said: "Regrettably, the police only have a finite amount of resources which means priorities must be identified.

"For example, police in Malvern recently arrested and charged a man with several burglaries in the area. The work involved in detecting such crimes is not without a cost to the community - other routine police work, such as parking offences, inevitably goes by the board

"Traffic wardens are on duty in the Malvern Hills district and do enforce parking restrictions, as many residents will know to their cost."