IT is with great sadness that tomorrow (Saturday, October 27) we see the closure of the Safeway Crche in Malvern.

Myself and my children, Lewie and Lily, as well as many other parents and their children would like to say a great big thank you to all the staff within the crche.

The staff have done great work during the time the crche has operated at Safeway.

Credit must be made to all the girls working there, considering that they are all leaving jobs they love and have had the added insult of having store alterations carried out around them, but still they appear happy and give the children an excellent time during their stay in the crche

Goodbye Safeway Crche. Thank you and good luck to all Mary, BJ, Sandra, Carol, Michelle, Kathryn, Julie and Kay.

Emma, Lewie & Lily Davison,

Coronation Road, Malvern.