Why am I not surprised by the article on the front page of the Gazette (October 19) in which it is claimed Malvern Town Council could go 'bust' by the end of this year.

What on earth does a glorified parish council, for that is what it is, whatever name it chooses to masquerade under, spend £100,000 a month on?

The Council must learn to 'cut its coat according its cloth'.

If the town can't afford £15,000 for Christmas lights, then don't have them. There are more important things which are with us for the whole year, not just for a few weeks around December, to spend the tax payers money on. We are not bottomless pits!

I am not interested in who said what, when, who is to blame or in raking over the ashes of the past. I want answers. I don't want whitewash or spin, and I trust that MTAG Councillors will continue to press for the truth.

M G Jackson, Alexandra Road,